Monday, April 2, 2012

Moving, and stuff!!!

I saw this and it made me smile, so I thought it would make you smile too!!

I just want to stay in one place for a long time, I lived in the same house pretty much my whole life. I hate moving, I suck at packing, hate packing, I always lose stuff in the move, and I just hate it. I know we will find a place, but then how long are we going to be there for? There are day I wish we had never moved out of the trailer, I know it wasn't the best place to live but it was two bed rooms and we could afford it. (I don't understand how my friends in Canada could afford $1000+ a month plus utilities) I didn't mind the first studio apartment, but it really wasn't great, okay it was bad but it was a roof over our head. Second studio apartment really wasn't bad at all I liked it, it met our needs for the time and we could afford it. This last place is big and it has been a great blessing, you can't go wrong for $400 a month for a 4 bedroom 3 bath place. We only really use two of the bedroom and only one of the bathrooms. But i hate that there is carpet everywhere, really carpet in the kitchen and bathroom. We knew when we moved in that it wasn't forever and we need to move out the next summer, but the next summer came way faster then i thought it would. The lord has always provided away for us, so I am praying we can find a place in our budget.

I really feel like we have been to blessed in our marriage and don't feel worthy enough to receive the blessing the lord has provided us with. Today is one of those days. I look around and think what did I do right to have these blessing? I know my Heavenly Father loves me and he has shown me many time in our marriage. He has given us trials, but the trials he has given us have never been more then we can handle. I know we could not have handled these trials with out his help and his unconditional love for us. I know I should not stress out as much as I do, because it is true the Lord always provides away, he always has, and I know if i continue to trust in him he always will. I love my Heavenly Father, and I know he loves me.

I love my husband and all he does to provide for our little family, he really is great I couldn't ask for a better eternal companion. The Lord knew what he was doing four years ago sending me and a group of friend in Arizona. Who would have guess I was going to find my best friend? A couple of people did, but I sure didn't I had a plan and that plan didn't have getting married in it. I am glad that my plans didn't work out and the Lord's plan did. I also had a plan not to have kids for a couple of years, bahahahaha the Lord didn't like that plan either. Man I am finding a pattern here the Lord really doesn't like my plans. But I have to say I really like the plans the Lord has set out so far for me. Thank you Heavenly Father for changing my plans for me. Okay back to my husband, David is not perfect in anyway but he is perfect for me. We might not have the perfect marriage but who does. I am just going to stop my rambling, No one reads my blog all the way through anyways, All you do is look for picture and then go on your marry way. So sometime I even wonder way I blog in the first place. Do people really care what I am thinking, how I am feeling, or what is going on in my life? I really want my Mommy right now! I hate being homesick, I hate living so far way from my parents and my sisters. People complain when family lives 2 hours away and say that is to far. I would love for mine to be 6 hours away and I know mom, dad, and sisters would love that too. I can not wait until June and July to see my family. Yes we will be seeing David family this month, but that is not the same as your own family, yes they are family but, No one can ever take the place of my own mom, dad, or siblings (at least for me). I am not going to lie I LOVE MY DAVID,TEK, MOM, DAD, and SISTER more then anything. I also really miss my best friends back home, I really just want to have a girls night and get out of the house and laugh and giggle. I love my husband but there are days where you just need a good girls night out. This has gone on for to long now, so I should really go to bed, it is 1:50 am and I have a little one to take care of in the morning. But i really do miss home, I hate homesick days.

These are old picture I found on my sd card from back in July. So enjoy. I love David and Tek's facial expressions in all of them. Tek was so little and looked so much like a baby :( and David is just handsome like he always is :D

Sunday, March 18, 2012

latest update of our little family

I'm doing this update on my phone, well I'm laying in bed. David is sound asleep beside me, and I'm wide awake and needed something to do, so here I am updating the blog.

Dian (me) update - I got my braces off :D I couldn't stop smile when they come off and licking my teeth. I would even ask David if he wanted to lick my teeth because they felt so nice, lol. He would say no to the question every time. I still lick my teeth all the time. After two and a half years licking your teeth feels great just so you know. I also can't wait to eat my dad's kettle corn when we go home this summer, I will request it every night :D I think that is the only update for me.

David update - his car bumper is getting fixed again, and let's hope right this time. If his bumper isn't fixed right we will make them do it again. He is also trying to fix his computer so it doesn't act to special all the time, u keep telling him we just need to buy a mac (but other things need to be paid off and then we need to save for it.) U can't think of any thing else to update you on.

Tek update - he has a couple new sign he does, he is really smart when it comes to his signs. I'm his mom I always think he is smart, sometime he is to smart for his own good. He now wears cloth diapers, I know I'm crazy but I wish I had started soon, now that I have started. He looks so cute in his cloth diaper bum. He also speed up in his waddling, so he now does a fast waddle it is so cute. He loves to go to our friend Lacie's house and play with her little boy, Grey, they play so cute together. He also likes going to the park, but doesn't like playing with the other kids at the park, he will say "hi" but when they come over to him he runs away from them, it is really funny. He is still a picky eater, and he is also a juiceaholic. He is a great sleeper knock on wood. He loves to go get our mail at the post office. He loves talking on the phone. His favourite movie is monsters inc. and he can watch it over and over again. He loves to talk and tell you off at the same time. He isn't that great of a listener, but he could be worse. He loves giving kisses and he is really good at them, both blowing them and slobbery ones. This little man sure is a keeper. I know there has to be more, but I can't think of any right now.

Update in David and I we had one of the best dates we have had in a while last night, thanks to our good friends the Tosses. It was only dinner but it was great. Tek seemed to have had fun at their house so that wad great too.

Anyways thanks for reading my mindless ramblings, and hope to see you again. I'll upload photos later can't do it from my phone, sorry D':

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Today has been a very emotional! I do not know why, but I have been very emotional. Today I just kept thinking about how blessed our little family is. We have a roof over our heads, food in our fridge, clothes on our back, a car in our drive way, and money to put on our bills. I love our little family and the many blessings we have had, we have had more then I can count.

Every time I would hug or kiss Tek or David, I would just start to cry or get teary eyed. I love my husband he is great, sometime we do not give our husbands enough credit. They do a lot for us, they might not put there socks in the dirty clothes, or clean the dishes, but they show us in other ways that they love us. Like take care of the kids so we can take a nap, or be away from the house for 16 hours a day, or just hold us when we really need to be held. I know I need to give my husband more credit some days, I know I am trying harder to be a better wife/friend to my husband, because he does do so much for our little family and He needs just as much encouragement and love as I do. He is my best friend and will be my best friend forever.

as for Tek, he has been one of Mine and David's favourite blessing thus far. Tek is just so full of life, you can not help but smile when he hugs, kisses, or looks at you with the big blue eyes. For a long time before I met David I never thought I would bare children of my own, You can ask my sister Chrissy. I always thought I would adopt, and I was okay with that, but then I got pregnant a couple months after we got married. That little miracle wasn't meant to be, but I am very grateful for I know I was not ready to be a mommy yet and there were things we needed to change. We grow closer as a couple and I learned to trust my Heavenly Father more, for He had a better plan for us. When I did get pregnant again, it was scary. I was afraid I was going to loss this precious gift from God too. At about 10 weeks pregnant, I realized I needed to trust more in my Father in Heaven. If I was to go through an other miscarriage, I was to learn some more until I was to have a child of our own. I am thankful to have a Father in Heaven who knows us each personally and what we can handle, and we can handle so much more then we think we can, with his help. Every week I trusted more and more in the Lord and at 39 weeks I gave birth to my little man. He had a rough start, but after a lot of prayers said in our behalf, I felt the Love of our Father in Heaven and knew everything would be fine. Everything is not fine, it is GREAT! Our little boy is a GREAT blessing that our Father in Heaven knew I needed at that time, not ten months earlier. I needed to have faith, and I still need to have faith. I am Grateful for that trial and all our trials.

I do not know how I could not feel blessed, I have a little family filled with so much love, a Father in Heaven who love us, extended family who loves us, and friends who care. I do not know why I was to wrote this blog post I just had a feeling I needed to write it. Maybe it was to remind me of all the little things in life, or how very blessed we our to have a Father in Heaven who love us, or just for me to learn to listen to that still small voice, whatever it may be I am glad I was able to share my testimony of my Heavenly Father and how I know that we our his children and that he has a much better plan for us, then we think we have for ourselves. I always know everything will be okay in the end, if it is not okay it is not the end. Just remember you are a child of God and He loves you!

p.s. Chrissy I read over this like four times but I am sure there will still be errors :-D

Friday, January 27, 2012

Update over due!

Wow lets just say, I am due for an update on the blog. Lets see what has happened since the last time I posted, lets just say a lot!!

(This were two of Tek's 1 year photos done by my Sister Chrissy)

1- went to my sister house in Oklahoma, Tek loved it!
2- Tek grew!
3- Tek grew some more!
4- I'm sure he got some teeth in there somewhere
5- Tek's hair grew back from daddy shaving it
6- Tek grew a lot more
7- Had family photos done
8- David and I got the flu and it SUCKED!!!
9- David turned 25
10- Tek started walking!! and it didn't take long for him to get good at it!
11- Tek turned 1, oh my goodness we have a 1 year old!!! and weighted 21 lbs 2 oz and measured 29 inches long.
12- Flew to Great falls on Christmas day.
13- My sister kimmie had her daughter Keltye Margel (she is super tiny)
14- Had a birthday party for Tek and Oyrn in Canada
15- Tek and Teebo (his Auntie Nic's dog) finally started to get along just in time for us to leave Canada
16- Tek played in snow for the first time.
17- Tek now has 8 teeth all together (and I'm still breastfeeding, thought I would have stopped at tooth number one!!!)
18- Tek loves his cousin and loved to cuddle her when we were in Canada.
19- Tek loves fries and gravy
20- Tek loves yogurt and has for a long time
21- Tek grew some more
22- left Canada on the 22nd of Jan
23- stayed at Aunt Jenn Jenn and Uncle Dave's house
24- Flew back in Arizona (25 jan) Thank goodness for warm weather again
25- Tek fell asleep in David's arm hasn't fell in sleep in someone arms for a long time must have missed his daddy
26- This is starting to be a long list
27- Tek was so excited to play with all his toys when he woke up this morning (jan 27) it was like it was Christmas morning all over again
28- I was glad to sleep in my own bed and to be home as a family again
29- Love the baby gate David make
30- I love our little family.

(one of our family photos done by Collette Ivins of Out of the Way Photos)

P.S The list was somewhat in order. I know I say this all the time but I REALLY need to keep up with blogging. Anyways I hope you all enjoyed my very long list of random stuff.

Friday, October 14, 2011

I don't know why!

There is just something about a sleeping child that makes me smile, I don't know why maybe it is how peaceful, angelic, or adorable they look but it melts my heart. I love watching Tek sleep, it is just so calming. I also love when Tek falls asleep in my arms, that doesn't happen very often. Tek is not a cuddlier, So I can't cuddle with him when his daddy's is on night. I hope he becomes more cuddly when he is older or the next child is a cuddlier. I love Tek, he stole my heart the first time I heard his heart beat, then again when I felt him kick, and then again the first time I held him. Tek is a gift from God, and he sure is one of my favourite so far. Thanks you Heavenly Father for trusting me with one of your sweet spirits, to have and to hold.

I'm not sorry for the picture overload of Tek sleeping, like I said I love to take picture of him when he sleeps (and when he is awake). These are not even all of them I have a ton more, but I think you get the point. I hope you like looking at these picture as much as I love looking at them. Tek is such a sweet spirit, I can't believe how much I am grateful for him. Thank you again Heavenly Father for this sweet spirit, I know I can never thanks you enough.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our little man

We can't believe how fast my little man is growing up! One day he has two teeth the next he has four, and two more on the way. David pick him up last night and looked at him and asked "Did you gain weight? you feel heavier then you did yesterday!" He is so full of energy and happiness. All you want to do is smile when you are around him, he knows how to light of a room. We love showing him off to the world, we are both proud to call him our son. Our Heavenly Father knew what he was doing when he gave Tek to us.

We have days where we feel like we are in adequate to be parent to him, and good thing it is never on the same day. When one of us is feeling in adequate the other reassures the other that we are doing a GREAT job, and Tek is lucky to have a mommy, or daddy who loves him, and he loves us. We are doing the best we know how. We are leaning on each other for help, and especially trusting in our Heavenly Father.

I, Dian, personally love waking up to this picture every morning and after every nap!

How could you have have a smile on your face? Everyone who has meet Tek loves him, he just has this lovable personality about him. If you have not meet Tek, you need to meet him. He is Great in every way.

He is the funniest little man, and our favouritest little man. He makes us laugh, he makes us cry, and we wouldn't trade any of it for all the gold in the world. We know you are all thinking they say this every post, but guess what? It is true. We can't tell him enough how much we love him everyday, because we do.

Tek Mommy and Daddy love you, and we know there are a lot of other people that do too!

If this picture doesn't make and laugh, then there is something wrong with you :D

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Deals to Meals Sun Oven Giveaway

I love reading this site and learning about all the cool ideas about food storage, I would recommend checking it out. Right now they are giving away a sun oven so I would love to have one of these to put in our food storage, I have wanted one since they did a demo in our old ward. So go check out the blog and the giveaway here